Cityside Education Association was founded in 1994 in the United States of America. Through it, the good news of the Gospel was spread with the help of educational and mentoring initiatives in Romania. These initiatives have expanded with time into several other areas. One of them is helping young people make the right career choices, as well as helping students to develop.

Currently, the association’s activity includes these three pillars: educational, social, and business. The beneficiaries of the actions taken within the association are primarily the students from Emanuel University of Oradea. We believe in the power of ethics-based education and in the influence of teachers, which is why we invest in students and young people.

Cityside’s mission is oriented towards investing in people and contributing to the development and information of the younger generation.

We contribute to the educational and professional progress of young people by carrying out research projects, organizing conferences and events.

We respond to Christ’s call to make disciples through various educational and mentoring programs.


Sebastian Vaduva
Dr. Sebastian Văduva MBA

Founding member | President

Ioan Fotea
Dr. Ioan Fotea

Founding member | Project Coordinator

Emi Tundrea
Dr. Emanuel Țundrea

Founding member | Project Coordinator

Silvia Fotea
Dr. Silvia Fotea

Project Coordinator

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Miriam Păcurar

Marketing assistant

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-09 at 19.21.42
Melisa Benchiș

Writing assistant