Integrity Summit for Prosperity


Summitul de Integritate pentru Prosperitate

The Integrity Summit for Prosperity is an initiative that unites Transparency International’s vision with that of its partners in order to increase the level of awareness towards the phenomenon of corruption, applauding entrepreneurial initiatives and encouraging the development of the business field in Romania.

The Romanian society of the last years has faced a crisis of authentic values and the evasiveness to approach integrity and compliance as solutions for developing healthy entrepreneurship. In this context, the Integrity Summit sets as its main objective to outline and promote a model of social entrepreneurship of integrity, which young entrepreneurs, as well as others, can multiply by the force of their own example, while coming to the aid of corruption victims and witnesses, by offering them examples and solutions of good practices.

The Integrity Summit for Prosperity is held in the form of a series of events designed to identify optimal solutions to the challenges faced by businesspeople. The events address the issues of corruption and integrity in the economic, educational, and banking fields; its aim is providing practical solutions that make possible a model of social entrepreneurship relevant to the Romanian business environment and reliable enough to guarantee sustainability.


The vision of the Integrity Summit for Prosperity is to make businesspeople aware of the benefits of an ethical business behavior, to determine them to act as such and to then help them become motivating factors themselves in the behavior of other businesspeople in order to create a healthy, ethical, and sustainable Romanian business environment.


Increasing interest in integrity
Reducing corruption
Healthy business models