Quo Vadis Juvenis?


In the context of a Europe confronted not only with political and diplomatic crises, but also with high rates of unemployment and immigration among young people, Emanuel University of Oradea, in collaboration with Cityside Education Association, starts the program “Quo Vadis – HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR CAREER PATH” which is intended to be a link between the educational field and the labor market.

Within this program there are several events (conferences), which are addressed especially to young people aged 16 to 25 years old: high school students, students, graduates, and their parents as well.

Thus, young people can find out what the labor market entails, develop themselves personally and receive information, guidance, and conviction in making the right career decision. It is also aimed at developing integrity based on Judeo-Christian principles, while helping young people identify their calling for mission, service, and career.

The series of events organized during “Quo Vadis – HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR CAREER PATH” has enjoyed great success in several locations in Romania, such as Oradea, Arad, Timisoara.

Project initiated by:

Universitatea Emanuel din Oradea


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