The Informatics Caravan

The Informatics Caravan

A series of events dedicated to preparing IT companies and students in the field, as well as to raising awareness of society to face the challenges that come with technology; they encourage the interaction between companies, the university environment and those interested in understanding and approaching the IT field, as well as the development of the entrepreneurial spirit in IT.

The goal of the Informatics Caravan project is to encourage the Romanian economic environment and to support its unique success story. The IT&C industry is one in which Romanians have had and have a say in the global technological environment and this must be made known to Romanians, especially to young people who want to have a realistic professional path in relation to the world in which we live.

The Caravan aims to raise awareness about the IT industry, to develop a civic spirit and to encourage people to learn, understand and master the changing technological environment of the Fourth Revolution.

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