The legacy of centuries, that of an enslaved nation, is still found in the culture, mentality, spirit, and situation of our country. Unfortunately, every generation of young Romanians will continue to face the same culture if it is not changed. Cityside Education Association takes on the challenge of contributing to this change of culture by firmly believing that the future of Romania depends on the education of those who form it, on tomorrow’s generation. That is why it does its best to ensure that its students are very well-equipped and prepared to change the face and fate of Romania.

Invited by Mr. Wolfgang Schenk, Emanuel University of Oradea annually participates in an experience exchange with representatives of 11 civil societies in Osnabrück, Germany. Students from Griffiths School of Management at Emanuel University of Oradea will be involved in this project to study the German entrepreneurial-social culture within the non-profit organizations in Osnabrück. They will be exposed to professional practices within successful NGOs in Germany that are recognized for the quality of their services and their innovative solutions for social problems. This experience exchange is a unique opportunity for the representatives of tomorrow’s Romania to assimilate effective practices to implement Romanian organizations, in which they currently are or will be involved.

Benefits of the project:

Exposure to and assimilation of good practices from the German civil society.

Networking in the German space.

Interaction and intercultural exchange.

Project purpose:

Studying the German entrepreneurial-social culture through student visits to non-profit organizations in Osnabrück, Germany.